Krang's Universe is a space-conquest strategy game based on a complete re-imagining of the "4X" genre, currently in development with an expected iOS and OSX release date in mid-July 2014, Android and PC support to follow.

The development team behind Krang's Universe has three primary goals for the game:

- To fundamentally overhaul the traditional concept of what a space-based strategy game can be, by providing a completely 3D, free-motion, immersive environment with richly abundant and unique strategic opportunities.

- To provide a deep, open-ended and configurable system of game mechanics to the player, rewarding imaginative gameplay and providing remarkable replay value.

- To anchor the game system in strong fundamentals, so that objects and concepts in the game have real meaning. For a strong example of this concept in action, see the discussion on technological development.

With those goals in mind, Krang's Universe has several features which we're very excited about:

- Real-time space battles fought in a unique and dynamic 3D gravity-well physics environment, with players acting as commanders of their respective space fleets.

- Lots of opportunities to personalize the look and feel of your galactic empire, from designing your own flag with importable artwork to custom-sculpting the 3 dimensional shapes of your spaceships and beyond.

- A well-organized and powerful user interface which makes the enormity of the game system manageable and accessible, helps it be a source of gameplay variety, and keeps the player from feeling overwhelmed.

- Many ways to influence the universe and gain an advantage: economically, socially, technologically, good old-fashioned militarily, even genetically and more.

- A strategic system of unparalleled gameplay options and depth that respects the intelligence of its players, packaged in a fun and evocative exterior that doesn't take itself too seriously.

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